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Breakdown = breakthrough? Dallas, 1971. My third failure as an entrepreneur (swimming school > pizza parlor > catering business) inspired me to abandon my misguided attempts to be someone I'm not. I moved to California - not only to get away from the scene of my disasters, but to see what this new and intriguing thing called 'video' was about. Shortly after arriving in Sausalito, I got my hands on one of the first generation of portable cameras arriving from Japan, and fell in with the Bay Area's community of 'video freaks.' Suddenly and magically, the Universe began cooperating with me personally. "Following my bliss" opened the door to a fifty year love affair with the camera. 


Based in Oakland, California, I produce, shoot, and edit video projects, teach and speak about The Keys to Mastery, and support the movement to close the Racial 

Wealth Gap with Reparations for descendants of U.S. slavery.    

Personal & professional references

John Antonelli, Owner, Mill Valley Film Group mvfg@icloud.com 415.225.3909

Thierry Humeau, Owner, Telecam Films thumeau@telecamfilms.com 202.255.8696

Celia Peacock, public health professional celia.peacock@yahoo.com 301.792.8549

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