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It was the summer of 1971 in Dallas, Texas, where I was reeling from the collapse of my 1-year old catering business, The Little Danish. Both of my previous startups - Hawaiian Swim School and The Pizza Inn -  had also quickly failed since at that time I did not know that the two essential functions of a business are innovation AND MARKETING. 


I felt I had to get out of Texas and, because I'd become intrigued by a new thing called 'Video,' I should move to Manhattan or San Francisco, where this new medium was blossoming. A college friend now lived in Sausalito and offered me a place to stay until I got my feet on the ground.


Shortly after arriving, I got my hands on one of the early portable cameras imported from Japan and fell in with the Bay Area's community of 'video freaks.'  Because I was now 'following my bliss' instead of trying to be the person others wanted me to become, the Universe seemed to be cooperating with me personally. Doors opened, I met the people I wanted to know, good luck followed me everywhere.  Best of all, I had fallen head over heels in love with the video camera.


As a freelancer during my entire career, I've been blessed with the time, support, and good health to help raise a child, produce documentaries, write books, and grow businesses.


My documentary  work has focused on extraordinary people - Staying Alive, The 5 Keys to Mastery, Amazing Place - and dimly lit corners of society - Life Without and Hotel Macedonia. I've been able to publish three books - The Laws of Camerawork, Video Rules, and The Mastery Class and create a line of video accessories - SteadyBag, PickupStix, LensEnd, and GelFile – used by video and photo professionals worldwide.


I continue to love living in Oakland, California with the wonderful Susan Burgess-Lent, making Neapolitan-ish pizza, sniping for gold in the Sierra Nevada, cooking for my extraordinary daughter Nikole, and being a doting grandpa to Rocco Emilio Pupperoni, her 'Jackweiler' pup. Susan and I also enjoy supplying supplemental meals to 14 species of birds at our two window feeders. (Below is a male Junco)

That's 2024 Dave on the right with my co-producer/director Troy Jones. We're developing a 10 episode television series to help Americans understand and appreciate the importance and urgency of Reparations for descendants of enslaved Africans.

Personal & professional references

John Antonelli, Owner, Mill Valley Film Group mvfg@icloud.com 415.225.3909

Jackie Hunt-Willis, Co-Founder, Jion Academy

jhuntwillis@gmail.com 510.415.1091

Celia Peacock, public health professional celia.peacock@yahoo.com 301.792.8549

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