About Dave

It was a failed business venture in Dallas that inspired me to "push the pause button" on my life in 1971 and move to Sausalito, California, where I could see what this new thing called 'video' was all about. Thus began a forty-six year love affair with the camera. Following my bliss, the Universe seemed to be cooperating (as Joseph Campbell predicted) with me personally.


My passion for video led me to most of my important and lasting friendships and to the things I consider my passions -  shooting, editing, producing, teaching, and speaking (The only major exception would be my passion for making Neapolitan pizza, which feels to me like a genetic inheritance.)  


I'm based in Oakland, CA where I continue to produce, shoot and edit video projects while growing a practice teaching and speaking about The 5 Keys to Mastery.

Personal & professional references

John Antonelli, Owner, Mill Valley Film Group, mvfg@icloud.com 415.225.3909

Thierry Humeau, Owner, Telecam Films, thumeau@telecamfilms.com 202.255.8696

Celia Peacock, public health professional, celia.peacock@yahoo.com 301.792.8549

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