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My journey as a cameraman, producer, inventor, pizza maker, and teacher was inspired by the idea of 'becoming who you are by doing what you love.' Joseph Campbell put it this way:


"When you follow your bliss, the thing that truly

electrifies you, four things automatically happen:

1. You put yourself in the path of good luck;

2. You meet the people you want to know;

3. Doors open where there weren't doors before; and

4. Doors open for you that wouldn't open for anybody else."


A love affair with the video camera spanning four decades owes much to long-term, creative relationships with my news, documentary, and corporate and clients, including:


BBC, ARD German Television, YLE Finnish Broadcasting,GPI,

TV Asahi, Fuji TV, NHK Japan Broadcasting, CNBC,BRAVO, TLC,



In addition to my freelance work as a cameraman, I've produced seven documentaries, including:


Life Without…Inside San Quentin; presented by WGBH Boston for PBS

Hotel Macedonia; Official Selection, Ft. Worth International Film Festival

The 5 Keys to Mastery;  broadcast to PBS stations by American Public Television


...and, because most freelancers don't work everyday, I found time to write three books: 



VIDEO RULES…How to think about how to shoot

MASTER MINDS…How ordinary people create extraordinary lives


...and create a line of production accessories, including:


SteadyBag, PicupStix, LensEnd, Bag & 1/2, and GelFile


I currently commute between Washington, DC – where my news clients are – and Oakland, CA – where my wife and daughter are – where I continue to produce, shoot, and grow a new practice – teaching The 5 Keys to Mastery


Professional/personal references:


Annette Brieger, Producer, ZDF German Television, annette.brieger@gmail.com, 202.258.5668     

John Antonelli, Owner, Mill Valley Film Group, mvfg@icloud.com 415.225.3909

Thierry Humeau, Owner, Telecam Films, thumeau@telecamfilms.com 202.255.8696


My 2016 Visualization Board


The outcomes I'm aspiring to, using Key #4 of The 5 Keys to Mastery, whereby I put images of the things, people, and environments I want in a place where my subconscious mind can see them everyday. It's important to add labels - in the present tense - so the subconscious believes they are a done deal, not something desired. The subconscious, in turn, works on getting the conscious mind to do the things that need to be done in order for the visualization and the (so called) material world to merge, so there is no conflict between what the conscious mind and subconscious mind beleive is real. 


It's a life plan and business plan put in a form that reminds me daily who I am and where I want to go. How to get there is another story (Refer to Keys 1, 2, 3, & 5:)


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