THE 5 KEYS TO MASTERY                          An operating system                            for lifelong success            

Ask anyone who's reached the top of his or her field “How did you become so successful?” and you’ll hear (over and over again) the same five things, expressed in hundreds of different ways.


These 'five things' are the centerpiece of Dave's speaking practice - a pattern of universal principles first identified by author and Aikido instructor George Leonard.


George discovered that Aikido students who rose to the top - and stayed there - seemed to share common traits. A follow up study of top professional athletes revealed that they too modeled what he called "the five keys to mastery." 


Inspired by Leonard’s revelation, Dave and his partner Susan Burgess-Lent set out on a mission to further test Leonard's theory by interviewing leaders from sixteen different fields - including Nobel Prize winners, Olympic gold medalists, pioneering entrepreneurs, and legendary entertainers.


The resulting documentary, THE 5 KEYS TO MASTERY, confirmed Leonard's discovery and inspired Dave to embark onto a new career path: helping people understand and employ The 5 Keys to develop their potential and achieve their goals.


Dave and Susan created The 5 Keys PlayShop where participants learn to:


  • Discover their calling and passions
  • Set up and grow a daily practice
  • Harness the power of intention
  • Manage anxiety, self-doubt, and failure
  • Flourish in the 'discomfort zone'


The 5 KEYS PlayShop provides basic training training in the art of living an accomplished life. Dave and Susan demonstrate the tools for discovering one's calling, putting it into practice, and getting past virtually any obstacle between us and the success we are designed to achieve. 



Dave Lent & Susan Burgess-Lent (West Coast), Wendy Thomas (East Coast) 


Dave and Susan assembled a team of thirteen guides - peak performers from twelve different fields - who generously shared their success stories. Video clips from these conversations are the centerpiece of THE 5 KEYS PlayShop. 

Happy Campers:

"What a treat to be reminded of the power we have to determine our outcomes. The program was skillfully presented, and I was grateful for Dave's gentle but firm guidance." Karen, San Francisco, CA


"The workshop was wonderful, exciting, and timely. I had been ill and not doing my job search. This was the shot-in-the-arm I needed for the week ahead." Ralph, Novato, CA


“A truly amazing experience!  My best friend and I talked about it the whole ride home!”  Natalie, Washington, DC


"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. I think it was a game-changer for all of us who attended." Deborah King, ​


"It had a profound effect on me, showing me perspectives I hadn’t considered before. It brings mastery to every facet of life, profession, learning, and way of being.” Donna, Executive and Leadership Coach, Ottawa, Ontario

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