Author, Aikido instructor, and Human Potential pioneer George Leonard dared us to consider the striking possibility that most of the world's ills - if not all of them - are due to the fact that ordinary people like you and me fail to develop our far-reaching human capacities. Before his passing in 2010, Leonard discovered that all the known recipes for success can be boiled down to exactly five essential elements, which he called The 5 Keys to Mastery. As Leonard's student and partner during the last twelve years of his life, I made it my mission to help make these five keys simple and accessible for everyone. They are:


Answer Your Calling

Get a Guide

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Visualize the Outcome


Play the Edge 


We all know these keys, yet know them by so many different names that the pattern is obscured - a case of 'can't see the forest for the trees.' With time and lots of practice, The 5 Keys to Mastery can empower each of us to enjoy the lifelong success and personal fulfillment we are designed to achieve.


THE 5 KEYS PlayShop

Getting what you want by becoming who you are

Susan speaks of the importance of teachers and mentors at the Aqua Hotel in Mill Valley, CA

Ask anyone at the top of his or her field “How did you become so successful?” and you’ll hear, over and over again, the same five reasons – expressed in a hundred different ways. 


Author and Aikido instructor George Leonard was first to recognize the pattern: That those of his students who rose to the top and stayed there shared exactly five traits - which he called “the five keys to mastery." Inspired by Leonard’s revelation, published in Esquire Magazine in 1989, producer/cameraman Dave Lent set out on a mission to test Leonard's theory. He and his crew interviewed leaders from sixteen different fields, including Nobel Prize winners, Olympic gold medalists, pioneering entrepreneurs, and legendary entertainers.


The resulting documentary, THE 5 KEYS TO MASTERY, confirmed Leonard's discovery and has enriched lives and fueled careers around the world for the past decade and is the centerpiece of the THE 5 KEYS PlayShop. 


The 1, 2, or 4-hour PlayShop demonstrates the tools for discovering one's calling, putting it into practice, and getting over, under, around, or through virtually any obstacle between us and the lives we are designed to live. 

Happy Campers:

"What a treat to be reminded of the power we have to determine our outcomes. The program was skillfully presented, and I was grateful for Dave's gentle but firm guidance." Karen, San Francisco, CA


“I had been ill and not doing my job search – this seminar was the shot in the arm I needed for the week ahead!”  Judy, San Rafael, CA


“A truly AMAZING experience!  My best friend and I talked about it the whole ride home!”  Natalie, Washington, DC


         Wendy Thomas (East Coast), Susan Burgess-Lent and Dave Lent (West Coast)

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